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Chapter 06 / 09


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Chapter 06

let's not start sucking each other's dicks just yet... the saga still continues! This isn't a never ending story though - we promise you!

We had been freed. But earth still offered us temptations. It was as if we were junkies in the verge of relapsing any minute. Even though we had burned almost all of our money, we still had enough to go back to our old ways. That was unthinkable so we channeled all our funds on a single goal that would offer us redemption. We set out to conquer Mars before our nemesis, Elon Musk could reach the red giant. Luckily this wasn’t the first time we needed to derail our competition and establish dominance over them. Let’s just say that we got super lucky with all those explosions and malfunctions at SpaceX…

Once we had dealt with dear old Musky-boy, we were on our way to Mars. Our office Lamborghini couldn’t withstand the harsh environment of the void so we bought a cheap space shuttle from Elon and named it Da Nopeet Shuttle. To maximize our speed and safety in space, we coated the shuttle with liquified Nopeetium. The same substance our shades are made of. We also made some changes to the rocket engine and fitted it with a 1st generation prototype Flux Capacitator which allowed us to travel almost at the speed of light.

With kindest regards,
K & W

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