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Chapter 09 / 09


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Chapter 09

Congratz, you didn't give up! (We would have...) You have reached the final level now. May the Speed be with you, now and 4ever.

It finally struck us like a lightning bolt from a clear blue sky. The Martian Illuminati wanted to fill us with emptiness. See. Emptiness is nothing. The voices of life we had were no more with us. That was the reason why we weren’t yearning for pussy once we landed on earth. We had been given a clean slate, so we decided to grab the bull from its dick.

We had upgraded our Nopeet Shuttle with a prototype Flux Capacitator. In its’ then state it could jack our engines to perform on a level next to the speed of light. But we needed just a little push so we’d achieve a velocity faster than the speed of light. This would enable us the power of time travel.

As we delved into the research of the sweet curvature of universal space-time, quantum mechanics and wormholes, we found out that Doc Brown’s idea for a Flux Capacitator was a bust. We managed to rip off Elon Musk once again, as we sold the highly radioactive Flux Capacitator to him as a tanning bed. What a fucking tool he is.

We decided to lighten up our mood by designing a sunglasses portfolio. As we molded some prototypes from liquified Nopeetium, the core element, we started to hallucinate of days past and years to come. We had found the key element of time travel.

With kindest regards,
K & W

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